How to Join a Course

How to Join a Course (Student Version)

  1. You must be logged in to the SUNY Oneonta OpenLab to join a Course, so after logging in, go to the Course Profile of the course you want to join. (Read more about how to find a course.)
  1. If the course is public, click + Join Now, and you will automatically become a member. If the course is private, click + Request Membership and your professor will be notified of your request. Once they approve the request you’ll be added as a member.
  1. Your professor may invite you to join a course. In this case, check your email inbox for a notification that you have been invited to join the course. Click on the view invite link in that email. You will then be prompted to log in. When you do so, you’ll be on your “Invitations” page. Click Accept next to the invitation for the course.
  1. If you are not a SUNY Oneonta student but are taking a SUNY Oneonta course using the OpenLab, please contact us for more information about how non-SUNY Oneonta students can join the SUNY Oneonta OpenLab.

Finding a Course

  1. If you are already a member of the course, log in and click My Profile in the main menu. In the right-hand menu, click My Courses.  You will see a list of all the courses of which you are a member.
  1. If you are not a member of the course, click Courses in the main menu.
  1. Once you are on the Courses page, you can use the drop-down filters in the right-hand menu to narrow down the courses you see by school, department, semester, and last active status.  Click Submit after you make your choices.
  1. Click the Course avatar or title to see the Course profile page.

Leaving a course

After logging into the SUNY Oneonta OpenLab, go to the Course Profile and click – Leave Group. You will no longer be a member of the course.